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Web-based sales system built for those who want to sell!

The system is easy to use, and all functions are built up to make the working day for sellers best possible.

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Key Features:
  Customer Registry

The customer registry is at the heart of the sales system. Here, you get a complete overview of all of your customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, contacts, salges notes, documents and orders. There is an advanced search function where you can perform a variety of searches; filter out only your customers, show all the customers that have not been contacted in the last 6 months, show customers who have purchased the product x, and that have the address in Stavanger.. These are only examples of all its capabilities. In addition, you can save your own search. In the customer registry you also have a full overview of all orders related to each individual customer. Til hver kunde kan du knytte opp ubegrenset med f.eks Word filer med tilbud og ordrer. For every customer you can link up an unlimited amount of links to E.g. Word files of sales offer and orders.
  Time planner
You get a full overview of your own and your employees appointments and notes. Now you know at all times which customers to follow up. You can easily see other employees appointments, a useful feature e.g. when booking a joint meeting.
  Common resources
Have you ever double booked a resource such as a meeting room? By linking up resources (such as meeting rooms) to your appointments, you will not encounter those kind of problems - and at the same time you get an overview of all the resources.
E-mail is a very effective sales tool, if used correctly - meaning, if the message is tailored to your audience. With our system you can easily send out e-mails just to the ones you want, without spending a long time to find the correct e-mail addresses. For example, if you have got a new edition of a product that you would like to tell customers currently using an older version of the product, and have not been contacted in the last month. No problem, write the e-mail, perform a search and press send. All e-mails are stored for later use.

NEW! Now you can also send SMS messages via i-tools CRM.
With SMS you will reach your customers even quicker than by the use of e-mail (people are generally more available on mobile than on e-mail). Do you have a message that is really urgent, send them a text message. It is very easy, and has many opportunities. In addition of using SMS to send info to customers, you can also use SMS for internal messages, such as the sales meeting has been posponed for an 1 hour ...  All SMS broadcasts are stored for later use.
 Eksport/import to/from Excel
If you wish to print labels in Word, you can easily export out what you want to Excel.
Have you bought an adresseregister, it's easy to import this into i-tools CRM.

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